Social issues

  • Restoring Dignity When a personal trainer discovered the challenging reality faced by homeless women when their period arrived each month, she started working on a solution to the widespread problem. Read story online
  • Where your Qantas charity donations go  FOR the past 21 years the task of sorting the loose change collected in UNICEF charity envelopes on Qantas flights has come down to a small team of volunteers. As well as thongs, golf ball markers and hearing aids, they have found casino chips, unclaimed lottery tickets, watches, engagement and wedding rings.  Read story online   Read PDF
  • Helping save Bali from deadly disease   JUST before going to Bali, I had read an article warning travellers to beware of getting too close to dogs on the Indonesian island because of an outbreak of rabies. So the last place I expected to find myself was sitting on the black and white tiled floor of a veterinary clinic in the hill town of Ubud, lapping up the attention of three playful puppies. Read story online
  • Glide on down and get a taste of holy spirit  TRAVEL is a great way to broaden your mind, but don't miss the opportunity to lift up your spirit by helping feed the homeless. PDF part one  PDF part two
  • Afghans are on a roll EVEN the Taliban love a holiday in Skateistan Read PDF
  • No time to wait for a league of lost souls A Missionbeat van driven by a former rugby league star provides transport between hostels and hospitals for Sydney's homeless. Read PDF 
  • Future home where the old folks roam YOU don't have to spend long in the main street of Dalmeny to realise there is something unusual about the picturesque seaside town, which has the highest concentration of elderly people in NSW PDF part one  PDF part two


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